Non-CONUS International Shipping

Non Continental U.S. International Shipping

Unfortunately, because of costs, we can only give free shipping for Continental U.S. Orders. Below are two options for our international customers including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada:

Option 1:

Standard Ground Items Qualified for U.S. Post Office

We can ship Standard Ground items through the U.S. Post Office for an Additional Cost. A default shipping cost of $75 will be added to your order during checkout. Upon receiving your order, we will obtain the cost to ship thru the U.S. Post office. If the cost is below $75, you will be refunded the difference. If the cost is above $75, our shipping department will contact you for the additional payment.

Option 2:

Oversize Items Not Qualifying for U.S. Post Office

Oversize items not qualified for U.S. Post Office can be shipped using our Affiliate Partner International Parcel Services (IPS). Opening an account is easy as 1, 2 3:

  1. Obtain an IPS Shipping Address (PayPal users, please add IPS shipping address to your PayPal account)
  2. Purchase any product online with no additional shipping charges from us (We ship your items to your unique IPS address that you provide with your order)
  3. IPS Delivers Your Items to Your Destination. Note: IPS will bill your account upon shipping your items to your destination

Obtain your International Parcel Services Account by Clicking Here…