Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs - HID - LED Conversion

Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs – HID – LED Conversion are simply the best way to produce a true HID Xenon upgraded look. These are the most popular aftermarket HID Xenon look headlight bulbs and LED conversion kits in the industry. Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs are available in 7000K Arctic White or 2500K Hyper Yellow and ranging from 19 Watts to 65 watts of luminescent output. LED Conversion kits include fan-free chip technology temperature control with 3 times the viewing distance.

Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs

HID Technology

High intensity discharge, otherwise known as HID automobile lighting relates to light bulbs that produce high intensity light. Car manufacturers began using halogen light bulbs installed in headlight housing units as an alternative to the traditional halogen headlight, which plugged directly into headlight sockets. Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs emulate this look with perfect like resemblance. These light bulbs were far less expensive to install and replace.

Technology evolved in the late 1990s with manufacturers taking advantage of a new high intensity discharge (HID) light bulb. The new bulb produced a brighter luminescent beam. Not only this, HID bulbs projected a brighter spectrum of light. The combination of increased intensity with a brighter spectrum drastically increased visibility without blinding oncoming drivers. The aftermarket industry quickly adopted the technology. Manufacturers began to offer HID upgrade kits with different levels of intensity and luminescent variations. Variations usually range from 2,500K to 7,000K. As an alternative to HID, aftermarket manufacturers began to produce halogen look-alike bulbs as well. These bulbs imitate the HID effect and also improve visibility to a certain degree. Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs are the least expensive way to get that beautiful HID Xenon look that come standard with high-end luxury fully loaded mid-priced vehicles.

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